I help women find balance and care in their busy lives.

Healthy and simple lifestyle changes so you can feel your best, every day.

You have a right to feel your best.

I’m Christine Jantz, a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, here to help you find balance within your life & body and to put yourself first, all while continuing to excel in motherhood, career, or both. I’m a passionate label reader, colorful plate creator, mindful mover, and morning meditator.


Introduction to CJW

CJW Extension

CJW Consistency & Accountability

This 6-week program is an introduction to meeting your wellness goals. You’ll be on the road to feeling your best in no time!

This extension is designed as a follow up to the Introduction to CJW plan. We’ll continue our conversations around goal setting, health & wellness education, reflection, and more! 

This 6-month program will turn your health & wellness goals into a complete lifestyle transformation. 

It's time to take back control.

Let's chat to figure out how we can best work together! Book your free 45-minute call today!

Each and everyone of us is unique, so each person’s path to wellness looks and feels different. I take a multi-dimensional approach to learn about YOU, what works best for your body & mind, and how you want to improve areas of nutrition, movement, stress management, sleep, home environment, time in nature, and cooking at home, just to name a few. 

Genetics are only one small factor that can determine what goes on in your body. The remainder is up to YOU - how and what you eat, your movement, how you manage stress, the quality of sleep you get, and your environment. YOU are in control! 

I’m all about consistency and commitment! Coaching sessions are tailored to your needs with goals and plans driven by YOU. We’ll work together to help you develop lifelong habits that lead to complete transformation. 

I’m honored to be part of your journey as you take your health back and discover the wellness path that works best for YOU! 



I’m in my late 30’s, and in the best mind & body shape I’ve ever been.

 I’m married to my high school sweetheart(ish) ;) and we have two energetic and extremely loving boys. I was born and raised in Chicago and relocated to the Nashville area in 2019. I am a former elementary school teacher, reading specialist, and literacy coach. I absolutely loved my time in the schools, but ultimately left that passion to stay home with my sweet boys. Now, I’m feeling the greatest sense of joy being able to reignite my desire to serve others, this time in the health and wellness space. 

I truly believe I’m right where I’m meant to be in life right now, serving myself in the best way while helping others find their best ways to live, too. 

Hi, I'm

"My life has improved immensely because now I am making better choices on the food I am eating and the meals I am consuming. I have more energy because I have a better morning routine that Christine helped me to create and stick to."

—C.M., client

"Everything in my life has improved because of my coaching with Christine. I found balance physically and mentally. "

—C.M., client