I'm Christine Jantz,

in my late 30’s, and in the best mind & body shape I’ve ever been.

I’m married to my high school sweetheart(ish) ;) and we have two energetic and extremely loving boys. I was born and raised in Chicago and relocated to the Nashville area in 2019.

I am a former elementary school teacher, reading specialist, and literacy coach. I absolutely loved my time in the schools, but ultimately left that passion to stay home with my sweet boys. Now, I’m feeling the greatest sense of joy being able to reignite my desire to serve others, this time in the health and wellness space. 

Shortly after our big move, I began to experience some strange body changes that left me in a state that wasn’t “me.”

 I looked healthy on the outside, but I was far from it on the inside… 
Struggling with stress and anxiety over the littlest things, getting headaches multiple times per week, losing hair, painful periods, a significant weight gain over a short period of time without any diet/lifestyle change, wanting to take a 2 hour nap everyday… all things that are NOT normal.

My body was whispering to me that something wasn’t right. I could have lived with those symptoms (which were manageable, but not desirable, and possibly have it turn into something larger) or I could take that message my body was sending me and act on it. I finally decided it was up to me to take back my own health and vitality. I am in the prime of my life and want to live the longest I can while simultaneously feeling my very best. 

I saw a conventional Endocrinologist, where I found out my Thyroid numbers were low, hormones were off, and an antibody test and ultrasound came back positive for Hashimoto’s (an autoimmune Thyroid condition). I sat in the doctor’s office asking questions and wanting to know what I could do to help myself and my symptoms… he answered, “nothing.”

I was not going to accept this answer, so I began to read, research, listen to podcasts, find people on social media going through the same Thyroid health issues, and I started to make some changes. I realized my body was in complete dysfunction in terms of my hormones, gut health, and blood sugar rollercoasters I was taking it on daily. If those things are off, you can bet that you’ll feel like a stranger in your own body, or even worse, be dealing with some serious health issues. 

It was about 9 months of trial and error with food/diet changes, lifestyle habits, finding intentional movement that worked for me, and mindfulness practices that eased my stress and anxiety, until I felt my body come into balance. I no longer had the symptoms that were bringing me down.

I became so in tune with my own body; becoming best friends with myself, learning what works and sticking with it while staying away from what doesn’t serve me. I didn’t know how bad I felt until I started to feel really good. Feeling energized throughout an entire day fuels me to keep with my consistent lifestyle. I enjoy eating the way I do, moving the way I do, and spending time with those who fill my cup. 

"Feeling energized throughout an entire day fuels me to keep with my consistent lifestyle. I enjoy eating the way I do, moving the way I do, and spending time with those who fill my cup." 

One of the podcasts I listen to discussed the opportunities that health coaches have to change the lives of those around them. I knew this opportunity was for me. I enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, spent a year learning a wealth of information, such as: nutrition theories, functional and integrative approaches to disease and dysfunction, mindfulness practices, and the coaching container and cycle. This time spent learning all aspects of health and wellness completely changed who I am and how I approach my life. I’m thrilled to bring this sense of awareness and wellbeing to others. 

I truly believe I’m right where I’m meant to be in life right now, serving myself in the best way while helping others find their best ways to live, too. 

I became extremely passionate about health and wellness approaches and knew that if I could help myself feel as great as I do, I could potentially spread that awareness to others.

It's time to take back control.

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